Gross Alert! This Girl Cut Open Her Beauty Blender And Found Bugs Inside

Major skin crawl. What comes out of this blogger's make-up sponge will make you heave.

Here at we’ve got an addiction to all things gross. We’re obsessed with blackhead extraction videos, we watch pimple popping online and we’ve even been known to enjoy stomach-churning tonsil stone removals, but when it comes to the hygiene of our make-up products and applicators we’re a pretty stringent bunch. So you can imagine our strong stomachs were put to the test when we watched a host of gross insects crawling out of a beauty blogger’s make-up sponge.

UK beauty professional Stevie Miller was using her Beauty Blender when she made a shocking discovery; she found not one, but FOUR black, winged, creepy crawlies inside the sponge. Eek!

After finding a small hole in the sponge she decided to investigate further, when she found a host of little bugs inside the applicator.

Pretty gross, huh? But does this mean we should be on the look out for bugs in our brushes? Not quite. According to Refinery 29, Stevie bought the little pink sponge from an authorised reseller, meaning that the Beauty Blender brand couldn’t control the environment that the make-up applicator was housed in.

That said, Stevie’s experience does underline the importance of buying direct from the brand.

A rep from Beauty Blender has since made a statement: “Often imitated, but most certainly never duplicated, the Original Beauty Blender is produced in an ISO certified U.S manufacturing facility that upholds the highest standards in quality control”.

Hopefully we won’t be having an experience like Stevie’s any time soon.


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