Fans Are Accusing Billie Faiers Of Putting Fake Eyelashes On Her Two-Year-Old Daughter

'I know this might sound ridiculous but are they fake eyelashes?'

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Billie Faiers loves dressing herself and her toddler daughter Nelly in matching outfits, and the resulting Instagram photos are always super-cute.

But yesterday some fans began worrying the reality star mum had taken things too far, by putting make-up on two-year-old Nelly. Comments began pouring in after Billy shared a photo of little Nelly after her visit to Santa, which showed her eyelashes looking especially dark.

A much more successful trip to see Father Christmas this year …

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“I know this might sound ridiculous but are they fake eyelashes?” one follower wrote on Instagram, with others asking if the dark lashes were the result of mascara. “I was thinking it looked like she has mascara on,” another added.

While Nelly’s dark lashes do stand out against her fair hair, various commenters were quick to point out that the little one has always had long eyelashes, and that they are naturally dark. In fact, that mix of colouring is pretty common, it turns out. “My niece has white hair and jet black eyelashes and people ask all the time but obviously my sister in law doesn’t put mascara on her,” one follower wrote. “There was a photo of her asleep recently and you can see her eyelashes are naturally long and dark,” another wrote in Billie’s defence.

A look back through Billie’s Instagram feed throws up plenty of close-up shots of Nelly’s gorgeous lashes, and it’s even something that the Faiers family have commented on before.

In fact, back in May 2015, Billie’s younger sister Samantha commented on a photo of Nelly holding a pack of false eyelashes to joke that the little one would never need to use them. “Never in a million years is nelly going to even need false ones with those lovely natural long lashes of hers,” Sam wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Billie and her fiancé are currently expecting her second child, a baby boy due early next year. Wonder if he’ll have those beauts lashes, too?


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