Recognise It? Here’s Why Jennifer Aniston’s Oscars Gown Looked So Familiar

You've seen it somewhere before.

They may have stylists on speed dial and more money than we could dream of but even celebrities aren’t immune to wearing something that’s been worn before.

True, it’s not often we’ll see them wear the same outfit twice, but sometimes, just sometimes, they’ll rock up in something a celebrity pal has worn before; it’s where those who wore it best columns come from, after all.

Sunday’s Oscars ceremony was a case in point. There were hundreds of stunning gowns for us to ogle at, but when it came to Jennifer Aniston’s choice of guna, we couldn’t help but think we’d seen it somewhere before.

Turns out, we have, because Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing the exact same frock last year. The singer rocked the plunging, high-slit Versace gown while performing on stage at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Aniston wore hers to the Oscars on Sunday with one subtle difference. Can you spot it? Yep, she’s added a sheer panel to make the neckline a bit more modest.

Of course, Jennifer Aniston’s dress drew some other comparisons on Sunday night, with many fans suggesting it looked a little Angelina Jolie-isque.

Some even suggested that Jennifer was throwing shade at her old nemesis by rocking a thigh split.

Slagging someone of with your outift choice? We doubt it. Jennifer Aniston has much more class than that.

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