ATTN: Funny Guys Are Better In Bed

It's been scientifically proven that a funny guy won't just make you laugh; he'll probably make you orgasm too.

guy and girl laughing

It’s officially official: Women have better sex with funny guys, or so say researchers at the University Of Alabama, who found that we’re more likely to not only prefer sex with a man who makes us chuckle, we’re also more likely to initiate it, want it more often and physically enjoy it more. Uh, hello orgasms.

It’s good news for long termers too, cos researchers also found that, women who were long-term dating a guy with a good sense of humour felt more committed and protected in their relationship.

Basically, next time you’re stuck between a brooding-but-gorgeous Jamie Dornan type, and the guy who makes you laugh so hard a tiny bit of pee comes out, you’ll know who to choose.


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