Ryan Gosling Helped A Couple Get Engaged And It Was Totes Adorbs

We didn't think Ryan could get much cuter - but apparently we were wrong.

Ryan Gosling In A Suit

Hey girl, as if Ryan Gosling wasn’t already like, our fave Hollywood hunk, he’s only gone and helped a couple to get engaged. Yep, Mr Gosling assisted as a woman proposed to her girlfriend during a Q&A segment at the premiere of his debut directorial effort, Lost River at SXSW in Texas over the weekend.

About 10 minutes into the sesh a woman in the audience began to propose to her GF. “I want the rest of my life to be with you,” she said, as Ryan handed over the microphone. And of course, her surprised belle said yes, before being congratulated by the man himself. Sigh. Just when we thought we couldn’t love him anymore.

With our own Marriage Referendum en route on 22nd May, d’ya reckon he’ll pop over here and help some Irish ladies out too? Couch is free round ours, Ryan. #justsayin


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