Snapchat Is Judging Your Friendships Using Emojis

The new Snapchat update uses emojis to tell you who your real friends are.

snapchat emoji update

Got a Snapchat addiction? Yep, us too, but it’s not just a handy app for sending dodgy photos to your BFF or snapping pics of your fave Friday night drinks. Nope, now Snapchat comes with the handy ability of telling you who your bessies are too. That’s cos it’s just issued an update, that ranks the status of your friendships through emojis.

Um, so how does it work? Well, say you and your pal are sending snaps back and forth to each other on the reg, then a heart emoji will appear next to both your names to signify your BFF status. But if a friend sends you lots of pics and you don’t send them back, it’s obvs that you’re their BF but they’re not yours, and a smirking face emoji will appear instead.

Still not clear? Snapchat has illustrated the emoji update with the help of the A-list (above). Thanks you guys.

Pic credit: Snapchat


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