Stop The Press! Jay Z Just Shared A Vid From His and Beyonce’s Wedding

They've kept us waiting a long time, but Bey and Jay have finally given us a glimpse in to their big day.

beyonce and jay z

Can you believe it? Bey and Jay got married a whole seven years ago, and even though an age of time has passed since then, we still don’t know too many deets about, what we can only imagine was, THE wedding of the century. We’ll wonder no more you guys, cos to mark their anniversary Jay has finally given us a sneaky little glimpse in to his and Bey’s big day. Albeit a very short one. Tease.

Yep, last night Jay Z dropped this clip from their wedding, showing him slipping a massive sparkler on to Bey’s finger and the pair walking down the aisle. Sigh. We guess that’ll whet our appetite until they finally get round to opening that wedding album of theirs.


A video posted by Jay Z (@officials_c_) on


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