This One Sign Means You’re With The Guy You’re Supposed To Marry

Forget the guess work: research says this one sign means you've found the one.

couple kissing

Ever wished there was an easy way to tell if you were with the right guy, without all the wondering, second guessing and endless discussions with your girlfriends? Well, according to a new study there is a surefire way to tell if you’ve found the one.

The study, conducted at the Department of Psychology at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, found that the one key sign that shows you’re in a lasting relationship is that your partner makes you feel like a better person.

“Individuals in satisfying romantic relationships often report experiencing positive changes to their self-concepts as a result of their relationship partners,” the study explains, so being with the right person allows you to “realise aspects of our ideal self,” or see yourself more positively.

“A person who acquires an appreciation for the ballet or becomes a better painter from being with a romantic partner would experience an increase or augmentation of his or her self concept,” say the study’s authors. In other words, if being with your fella makes you view yourself more positively, then it’s likely he’s a keeper.


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