Bette Midler Singing Kim Kardashian’s Tweets WINS The Internet

Broadway star and our #1 woman, Bette Midler, put Kim Kardashian's tweets to music - and it is the best thing we've seen all week.

Stage and screen star Bette Midler can do no wrong in our eyes – she was, after all, the best Sanderson sister, starred in one of our fave ’80s movies, Beaches and is responsible for many a drunken karaoke imitation moment thanks to her spin in First Wives Club.

But this, THIS wins EVERYTHING. Bette Midler went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and put Kim Kardashian’s tweets to music, with some moving piano accompaniment. Behold:

So, yeah, this was pretty amazing, but we have a few more of Kim’s tweets we’d love to see put to song (might we suggest, to the tune of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain…).

Check out our top five, below, and let us know if you agree (or are we wrong – so wrong?)!

  1. Treadmill time 😉 while on twitter, instagram & tumblr…helps the time pass by faster. What’s everyone up to this morning? (#gymmingkim)
  2. Well I don’t want you to die! RT @RozerinOzdemir: I’d literally dieeeee if @KimKardashian tweeted me back on my birthday (#karelesskim)
  4. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it doesn’t make sense to someone else! (#kimspo)
  5. I see there’s a photo shopped tweet floating around, supposedly something I said about Nigeria. That was NOT me, or my feelings. (#humanitariankim)

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