Britney, Iggy And Tay-Tay’s Crew: The Best Fashion From The 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Who did it for you at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards? And, crucially, who didn't? Check out our hits and misses!

Zendaya Hailee Steinfeld Taylor Swift Lily Aldridge Martha Hunt Billboard Music Awards 2015

Kendall and Kylie were booed while introducing Kanye on stage (er, is it terrible if we admit to a little snigger at that – because Kanye, obvs #wehearttheJenners); Chris Brown brought his daughter Royalty as his plus one; Iggy and Britney performed Pretty Girls, aka the best song since Kelis’s Milkshake; and Nicky Minaj brought all the crazy. As per.

Welcome to our round-up of the best, the worst, and the craziest at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards – where Taylor Swift cleaned up with awards for Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album and the fan-voted Billboard Chart Achievement Award, as well as debuting her much-awaited video for Bad Blood, walking the red carpet with a selection of the gals who appear in the vid. (Is there any awards night that isn’t dominated by Tay-Tay?)

Hailee Steinfeld Billboard Music Awards 2015

It’s easy to forget that Hailee Steinfeld, who starred in True Grit at the tender age of 13 and was signed up to a Miu Miu campaign at just 14, is now a 19-year-old adult. It’s so easy to forget, in fact, that Hailee herself came to the Billboard awards dressed as her 14-year-old self, albeit with a fancier smoky eye.

Iggy Azalea Britney Spears Billboard Music Awards 2015

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears walked the red carpet together, later performing their new – and fairly freaking deadly – single, Pretty Girls (in a shock revelation, Perez Hilton claims Britney wasn’t! Singing! Live!). We’ll be frank: we don’t particularly love what either of them is wearing – but at least Iggy’s dip-dye is on point. Britney looks a little like her very supportive and gym-loving auntie. Sorry, Brit-Brit.

Jennifer Lopez Billboard Music Awards 2015

Speaking of mature older ladies, 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez… Well, let’s just leave that to percolate for a while, shall we? We can’t say definitively that we wouldn’t wear the same if we had that rockin’ bod, but we’d like to think that we’d go for something a little cooler than this. And c’mon, J-Lo – we KNOW you look incredible!

Kendall Jenner Billboard Music Awards 2015

Kendall Jenner showed up on the arm of BFF Olivier Rousteing from Balmain, who was announcing his collaboration with H&M, which hits stores on 5th November. Which means you’ll be able to buy Kendall’s entire outfit for a song – a song! – in your local H&M very soon. And y’know what? We might just do that…

Kylie Jenner Billboard Music Awards 2015

Kylie, too, was representin’ for #HMBalmaination (that’s the official hashtag), in this waist-cinching number. Pssst: you probably have about three hours left to check out Kylie’s red carpet jaunt on her Snapchat, @kylizzlemynizzl. You’re welcome!

Laverne Cox Billboard Music Awards 2015

Did anyone catch Laverne Cox’s spin on The Mindy Project, playing the fabulous character who taught Mindy to love her pregnant body again? In short, we <3 her, and while we’d bin those shoes faster than you could say wash-and-blow-dry-please-Sophia, we ain’t mad at it.

Mariah Carey Billboard Music Awards 2015

Who we are mad at, mind you, is Mariah Carey’s stylist, who clearly hates her. (Not to mention her assistant, who failed to take her sunglasses from her on the red carpet and left her looking just a little nutso.) Even the girls don’t look happy with this. We’re feeling all the Emotions – just no, Mariah, no.

Nicki Minaj Billboard Music Awards 2015

On the other hand! Behold glorious space alien queen, Nicki Minaj, reliably bringing the crazy to every red carpet she sets mismatched foot on. We love, love, love Nicki – and while we wouldn’t exactly rock up to the VIP Style Awards in this get-up, we wish someone would. Any takers?

Rita Ora Billboard Music Awards 2015

Rita Ora, ladies and gentleman, NOT 45. It’s hard to believe – but Rita, seen here dressed as Elizabeth Hurley circa 1999, is 24 years old. Bar Rita’s gorgeous hair and make-up, there’s not a lot to love about this photograph.

Taylor Swift Billboard Music Awards 2015

It’s tough for us to talk about Tay-Tay, dressed in a Balmain cut-out jumpsuit, because we adore her and she rules, and most of the time she looks incredible. But this… We just don’t know. Is it the cut-outs? Is it the sequins? We like the flared leg (very on-trend, gurl) but she just doesn’t look all that comfortable, now does she?

Whaddya reckon? Did we get it right or are you crushing on Britney’s sequined sheath? Let us know!


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