Check It Out: You Gotta See Jedward’s New Hair!

John and Edward's giant quiffs are no more. Sob.

jedwards new hair


Sigh. Nothing lasts forever, eh? Jedward have ditched their signature quiffs in favour of a new do, and we can’t help but think we recognise it from somewhere… oh yeah, the ’90s! We’re deffo picking up some Adam Rickett vibes. Are we right?

adam rickett hair

But it’s not just Jedward’s hair that’s changing, they’re also switching up their career, as the boys are set to make their acting debut in the third installment of Sharknado. Yep, a movie about sharks terrorising LA after a freak hurricane. They were pictured last month with co-star, and rumoured new BFF Tara Reid.

jedward and tara reid

New hair and a new career. Are John and Edward growing up? Seems like it.


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  • LisaHafey

    John and Edward have been close friends with Tara Reid since the three appeared together way back in 2011 in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. Tara has appeared in two of the twins’ music videos, “Wow Oh Wow” (2011) and more recently, in the video for their self-penned and produced song, “Ferocious”, which was released in October last year. New hair and continuation of their current career (their fourth album is primed and just about ready for release), and yes – very much grown up! After all, the duo are 24 this year!

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  • Ni Na Wu

    John and Edward are full of creativity and always come up with new, awesome ideas- outfits, hairstyles, songwriting, videomaking, they’re a fountain of inspiration! Really looking forward to seeing what these talented young men will come up with in the future.

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