6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your WFH Space

And they don't include a whole room revamp.


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It’s almost impossible to believe that many of us have been working from home for almost one year now. What plenty of us had initially thought would be a two-week-long situation, has turned into months and months of complete overhauls, Zoom calls, and working in our pyjamas.

Whether you first set up at the kitchen table, a cosy slot on your sitting room couch or were well prepared with a working area already, things can always be taken up a notch.

Right now, for those of us who can, it seems we’ll be working from home for at least another while. So, here are six ways you can upgrade your WFH space.

Actually Invest In Your Space

After Christmas, which was probably a little too late but that’s neither here nor there, I finally bit the bullet and invested in an actual desk and comfortable chair. Let me tell you, it has transformed basically everything. There are no more sudden disruptions from the kitchen, no one popping in to make a cup of tea while you’re halfway through a call and in general, it makes things a lot easier to concentrate by having a specific place to go to. Plus, it makes it a little easier to switch off each evening as you can literally turn off your laptop and walk away from your work.

All About Comfort

Speaking of investing in your space, try opting for the comfiest chair possible. You’re spending the majority of your day, and week, sitting in that chair, so it’s best to make sure you’re as comfy as you can be. Even add a cushion or a throw to take things up a notch. Have your slippers to hand (or to foot, should I say), a cosy jumper that you can throw on and anything that brings you comfort. We may as well take advantage of the cosiness while we can.


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Let There Be Light

Ideally, your workspace would be near a window so you can take advantage of the natural light, and a bit of air too for that 3 pm slump. But if that’s not the case for you, see if you can get your hands on a floor lamp that you can put beside you, or a smaller desk lamp that you can pop beside your computer. Working in almost darkness won’t do anything to lift our moods, so take in as much light as possible.

Include Pops of Colour

What’s more cheery than gorgeous prints and photos around you while you work? Particularly if your actual office always felt a little, well, bland. Nothing spruces up a space better than some colourful prints, check out Jam Art Prints, April & the Bear, Laura Duffy Art, and Dusty Boy for fab picks that won’t break the bank.

Add Your Must-Haves

Lip balm? Check. Hand cream? Check. A massive mug of tea? Check. Whatever your must-haves are, from plants to photos and everything in between, have ’em close by, surround yourself with as many things that make you feel happy and give yourself a bit of a mood boost.

Lastly, Don’t Forget The Candles

Honestly, candles make everything better. There’s the obvious, that they smell amazing, but it’s also shown that they can sometimes help with stress relief, concentration and let’s face it, they’re just nice to have on your desk. We spend long enough working, so we may as well go all out and make our desk space as nice as we possibly can.