Can You Guess How Many Calories Are In An Irish Christmas Dinner?

It's a lot but we're going in for seconds anyway.

Christmas Dinner

It is THE meal of the year, and we take ours with all of the trimmings. Yep, we’ll have extra roast spuds, all of the stuffing, and a super generous serving of our mam’s deadly gravy. Why? Because it’s the one day of the year when we can completely lose the run of ourselves, forget the diet and gorge guilt-free on whatever we fancy.

And according to research by that’s exactly what we do because when we sit down to eat our yummy xmas lunch we consume (drum roll please) a hearty 3289 calories in one sitting, just three calories less than our neighbours across the atlantic in the U.S, and nearly 1300 more than the recommended daily average.

Christmas Calorie Rankings

Do we care? Nope, because for one day of the year we reckon it’s totally cool to go the whole hog, and fitness expert Lisa Dee agrees. Her advice? “Choose three days where you’ll completely relax without thinking about the foods,” she suggests. “Maybe Christmas Day, Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day, and tackle each day one by one.”

Three days off from calorie counting and watching what we eat? Er, pass us the Quality Street please!


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