For Everyone Who Is Being Driven Slightly Mad By DiaryOfAFitMommyOfficial On Instagram

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Some time last year, Instagram began automatically pulling out comments it assumes you want to see – from what we’ve noticed, it appears to be based on a few things: the number of followers the account has, its verification status, and for the non-famouses, whether you follow them or not.

This means that anyone with a few followers to their name can instantly get in your feed by commenting on celebrities’ posts. One of those people is @diaryofafitmommyofficial.

Perhaps even reading that handle sent a shiver down your spine. No doubt you’ve seen her commenting something inane under, say, Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts:

And we’re talking every. Single. Post. Perhaps within minutes of it being uploaded. If you’re a celebrity, or even halfway popular on Instagram, she’s probably haunting your comments section.

Chrissy Teigen even retweeted (and then un-retweeted) this tweet complaining about her:

So who even is this woman? And what is her deal?

Well she’s a fit mommy, isn’t she. Her name is Sia Cooper, she’s a personal trainer and blogger, and this is her marketing strategy. Apparently it’s working – we’re all talking about her, and she told Refinery 29 that she gained over 70,000 followers in two months alone.

In a recent post on her own Instagram account, she said that she gets bullied and harassed “on a daily basis” for commenting so much:

The person whom you should really be upset with is this new Instagram algorithm. They choose to highlight my comments, but this is how I always commented. I make $500,000 a year and I am able to support my family of four so I’m happy to be here.

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A post shared by SIA COOPER (@diaryofafitmommyofficial) on

“Stop getting so triggered and simply scroll past my comments if you see them,” she added.

For those of us who don’t wish her any ill will, but simply do not want to see her comments any more at ALL, there seems to be no hope. Reporting doesn’t work. Blocking doesn’t work. Asking her to block you (as some people have done) doesn’t work.

Unless Instagram give us a ‘mute account’ feature, we’ve got nothing. It’s @diaryofafitmommyofficial’s Instagram now, and we have no choice but to live in it.


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