About Us

Why hello there! We’re STELLAR, Ireland’s number one media platform for the modern gal.

If you were a fan of our magazine, you’ll be more than well aware of the in-depth interviews, insightful features, gorgeous fashion and beauty editorials (and everything else!) that we bring to you every few months.

STELLAR has long been Irish women’s favourite platform, and we’re constantly working hard to bring you the best chats, the most talked about celeb news, and the most gorgeous fashion, home, and beauty buzz.

We cover everything from pop culture to women’s health to viral TikTok trends – and we do it in a way that’s exciting, enthralling, and is bound to leave you coming back for more!

But STELLAR isn’t online, it’s also our regular reader events, our podcasts, and our award shows… And it’s you! Our loyal reader, who we wouldn’t be anything without.

Meet the team…

  • Jade Hayden, Head of Digital (jadehayden@stellar.ie)
  • Patrick Kavanagh, Commercial Director (patrick@stellar.ie)
  • Carl McDonnell, Art Department

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