About Us

Why hello there! We’re STELLAR, Ireland’s number one media platform for the modern gal.

Set up in 2008 and part of Michael O’Doherty’s VIP Magazine Group (along with VIP and TVNow) STELLAR’s gone from strength to strength (with over 20,000 of you buying the mag each month, bbz) and thousands filtering through our website daily, leading us to secure our spot as one of Ireland’s leading magazines.

Packed with all the affordable fashion and beauty must-haves you’d expect from your favourite magazine, we’ve also got a whole lot more. Our features are fun – but seriously informative too – our outlook cheeky, and most importantly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We’re not afraid to tackle the issues going on in your life, but we don’t harp on about doom and gloom either. As a result, we reckon we’ve hit the perfectly manicured nail on the head; a custom-made magazine created for the quintessential Irish woman – funny, smart, sexy, sharp, stylish, complex, cool and open-minded.

Now what could be better than that?

Meet the team…

  • Megan Roantree, Editor (megan@stellar.ie)
  • Adele Miner, Deputy Editor (adele@stellar.ie)
  • Jade Hayden, Head of Digital (jadehayden@stellar.ie)
  • Carl McDonnell, Art Director
  • Zeda the Architect, Fashion Editor (zeda@stellar.ie)
  • Katie Gilligan, Designer
  • Jade Carpenter, Online Content Editor (jade@stellar.ie)
  • Lorna Gilligan, Staff Writer
  • Sláine McKenna, Weekend Staff Writer
  • Patrick Kavanagh, Commercial Director (patrick@stellar.ie)