3 Reasons Shaving Your Legs With Peanut Butter Is A Really Great Idea

It's not just good on toast. Peanut butter also makes an ace alternative to shaving cream. Here's why.

Jar of peanut butter

We confess, we were a little bit “WTF?” when we heard about a recent beauty blogger trend of shaving your legs with peanut butter. Once we’d dug a little bit deeper though, we discovered it might not be so crazy. In fact, there are a few notable benefits of using PB as a DIY shave cream.

It doubles as a moisturiser

Thanks to the nourishing oils packed into your jar of PB, your legs will feel silky smooth. When Maxine Builder swapped shaving cream for peanut butter in an experiment for Bustle, she wrote: “What was surprising was how soft my leg was. Like, really soft. Softer than even the honey or the body lotion had left my legs. Unlike the honey, there were no lingering hairs, either.”

It’s cheap

A standard tube of shaving cream costs about €3.99, while a jar of own-brand peanut butter checks out at €1.30. That means regular shavers could save up to €33 every single year. Bonus: You probably already have a jar in the cupboard.

It’s chemical-free

Compared to chemical-loaded shaving creams, peanut butter is relatively chemical-free (brownie points for choosing the organic version). Many shaving creams contain perfumes and colourants that can irritate the skin. Good old peanut butter, on the other hand, is made up of natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, peanut oil, palm oil, salt and sugar, and is packed full of skin-nourishing vitamin E.

Wanna try it? Stick to smooth peanut butter to avoid clogging your razor and, um, avoid if you have a nut allergy. Obviously.