5 Reasons Your Hair Is Looking Lacklustre & Unhealthy

Is your hair looking more grim than gorgeous these days? With the help of a hair stylist, we figured out why it's not looking as good as it could be - and how to get it back to its best.

Damaged Hair

These autumn mornings are making it more and more difficult to get out of bed, so naturally we’ve chosen to spend a few extra minutes under the duvet, rather than taking the time to care for our hair. Unfortunately, our tresses don’t take very well to being ignored so, with the help of hair stylist Andrea Keightly we found out why your locks aren’t so luscious and how you can remedy the problem speedy quick.

1. You’re using the wrong products

You tailor your make-up to your skin type, but do you buy the correct haircare products to treat your tresses? No? Well, you should, as there’s an abundance of products on the market specifically designed for individual hair problems. Whether you have dry, damaged or dull hair, you can remedy your dramas by buying the shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair best. We <3 Aussie Conditioner Miracle Repair For Damaged Hair, €5.49, which is specially formulated to combat styling damage.



2. You’re brushing incorrectly

Turns out we’ve been brushing our hair wrong all along, and as Andrea explains, that can cause damage. “It’s very important to brush from the bottom up,” she warns. “When you brush from the top down it causes a lot more breakages and makes it way more difficult to get those knots out.” A decent brush can also help. For particularly course or tatty hair, we recommend the trusty Tangle Teaser, €15.99, to work those dreaded knots out sans the pain.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.34.53

3. You’re dying DIY

Every one needs a little root touch-up from time to time and sometimes you just don’t have the dollas to splash out at the hairdressers. But over time, at-home hair dyes can cause the hair to become dry and break. “It’s important when dying your whole hair to get it done professionally,” Andrea tells us. “Otherwise, if you use the dye for your whole head it will just cause a build up of colour at the ends which will result in very brittle hair.” The lesson? An occasional root touch-up is fine, but remember to check in at your salon every six months or so for a full head colour. To keep things looking fresh between salon visits, try Clairol Nice ‘N’ Easy, €6.89. The handy brush makes for an even colour application.


nice'n easy Root Touch Up Dark Brown 4 Box

4. You’re forgoing treatments

We all need a treat from time to time, right? Well, your hair is no different. Given that it goes through a lot of wear and tear (think pollution, heat styling and cold weather) it’s important to treat your tresses at least once a week. To combat the ravages of your day-to-day, opt for an oil-based treatment to help hydrate and repair. We <3 Argan Oil Hair Treatment, €18.99.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.55.15


5. You’re not getting a regular trim

You’ve been growing it out for agessss, and the very last thing you want to do is let some over-zealous stylist chop it all off, but for the sake of your hair health, it’s super important you make that appointment.  “You need to get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks to get rid of all the dead ends,” Andrea reminds us. The best bit? You don’t need to worry about the loss of lock length. “A regular trim will also help your hair grow longer faster,” says Andrea. We’re booking that appointment Right. Now.