5 Ways To Make Shaving Last Longer

Stubbly on day two? Here's how to ensure you get a long-lasting shave.

Woman Shaving

Few things can beat the fresh smoothness of nixing all those prickly leg hairs with a razor. It’s quick, it’s mighty convenient, and it leaves you feeling silkier than Venus herself. But here’s the kicker, you’re barely out of the shower before those pesky old hairs start growing back again. So, what’s a gal to do? We found five ways to stretch out your shave.

1. Get scrubbin’

Get to work with a salt scrub before you get handy with your razor. Why? Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells, meaning when you shave you’ll be lifting away hair, not just trapped dirt. Bonus point: it’ll help prevent ingrown hairs too.

2. Spend some time in the shower first

Spending around 10 minutes in a hot shower before you reach for your razor does two things: first, it removes dead skin cells and perspiration, and second, it hydrates the hair, making it a whole lot easier to cut.

3. Use a gel

Soz, but your regular body wash just won’t cut it when it comes to shaving. Why? Soap can clog the skin, meaning you won’t get as close a shave. Instead, opt for a shaving gel. It both softens the hair and allows your razor to effortlessly glide along the skin.

4. Choose the right razor

Still using that scratchy disposable you bought two months ago? Chuck it stat, ladypal. Instead, we recommend using the Gillette Venus Vibrance Razor, €9.50. It comes with glide strips, which release extra lubrication, for a smoother shave, and no more nasty nicks along the ankles.

5. Use a new blade

You can’t expect silky results from a blade that’s been worn down from months of hasty shaving, so you’ll need to change blades every three to four shaves to ensure you’re getting smooth results. The last step? Using a light hand, glide the razor upwards to catch all the hairs. Once you’re done, seal it all in with a moisturiser.


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