5 YouTube Tutorials That’ll Show You How To Master Liquid Eyeliner Once And For All

It's the one make-up trick we just can't seem to master, but with the help of some beauty-savvy vloggers we think we've got liquid eyeliner licked.

liquid eyeliner

It’s the trickiest of make-up tricks, and getting the perf eyeliner flick sure takes a lot of time and practice to master. That’s why we’ve taken instruction from some of YouTube’s finest Vloggers. If they can’t teach us, then nobody can. Simply choose the tutorial that suits your style, and get lining!

If you’re a beginner

Beauty blogger Katrina Maree delivers an in-depth guide to getting that liner picture-perfect. She uses tape, which may seem a bit odd, but as you’ll see, it gives amaze-o results.

If you’re a perfectionist

Michelle Phan takes a mathematical approach to her application process, making for an eyeliner flick that’s seriously on point.

If you want to make a statement

Fast forward to 2.24 to see Melrae Segal’s simple approach to creating a very strong line.

If you’re in a rush

Casey Holmes tells us we should only be using small strokes for the application process, along with a few other handy tips.

If you want to keep it natural

This simple and quick tutorial by Adriana Braje is a great guide for achieving a natural day time flick.

By Laura Somers