6 Reasons Your Foundation Isn’t Lasting All Day

It's hit lunch time and your foundation, which was so flawless this morning, has flaked off and smudged. What gives? We found out why your make-up has no staying power.

Foundation 4

1. You aren’t cleansing

Didn’t wash your face this AM? Not cleansing before applying your base is a big no-no because it can leave behind excess oils and impurities, which will cause your make-up to flake throughout the day. Exfoliate once a week and be sure to cleanse daily to give your foundation the best possible canvas.

2. You’re using too much moisturiser

Some moisturisers cause extra oil to build up on your face and can make your foundation literally slip off. To combat it, make sure you’re using the correct formula for your skin type, and avoid using anything too ‘heavy’, which may take a while to sink in. Not sure if you’re oily, dry or combo? Hit up your nearest beauty counter for an in-depth skin analysis.

3. You’re not using the right primer

Using a primer is a very important part of make-up application; it evens out the skin and creates a perfect canvas, but using the wrong one will be little benefit. To find the correct formula, shop around for different samples and don’t be afraid to use different products on different areas of your face.

4. You’re using the wrong application technique

Use your fingers to apply your foundation? Stop. It adds more heat to your face which can in turn activate excess oil production. Using a brush will allow it to set more evenly. Apply using a duo-fibre brush in downward motions, for the best staying power.

5. You’re not using the right foundation

If your foundation still won’t stay put, you might be using the wrong one for your skin type. Formulas that are too oily will cause your make-up to slide off, while products that are drying can make your skin flaky. Take a look at how your foundation is coming off to assess the problem. The next step? Ask at your local make-up counter for advice on what would be best for you.

6. You’re not setting your foundation

Applying powder is the final application step, but it’s one that’s often forgotten about. Worried about looking too cakey? It’s all in how you apply. Tap off the brush and pat it lightly on to the skin for coverage that’s lightweight. Your make-up will stay put for much longer. Promise!