6 Water Bases You’re Gonna Love + How To Wear Them

Want the downlow on this new foundation type and how to get the best out of it? We chatted to make-up artist Michelle Kinsella who told us everything there is to know about water bases.

Tried a water base yet? In STELLAR’s May issue, we’ve got the downlow on all the new ones you’ve gotta try, but there are loads more where that came from too. These super-lightweight foundations might fool you into thinking they’re low-cover, but trust us, we’re converted and we love decent coverage.

They’re super lightweight while offering buildable coverage.

So how do they do it? Thanks to an oil-in-water suspension that does away with clunky fillers like talc, water bases are basically just pigment and well, little else. That means you get foundation that hides everything you want it to, but which never looks heavy or obvious. “They’re less of a foundation and maybe more of a skin perfector. They’re super lightweight while offering buildable coverage,” make-up artist Michelle Kinsella says.

Expect to only need to use one or two drops of product for your whole face. “It can seem a bit weird at first to some people, but applied as normal and blended out, they really offer a beautiful coverage,” she says.

So, how to use? “It’s best to use fingers with these foundations, as the heat from your fingertips activates the product and makes it easier to apply,” Michelle reveals. “Begin at the centre of the face, and blend outwards using a patting motion. This may seem a bit odd to some who are used to brushes, but with a bit of practice it gives great results.”

And which skintype suits water bases best? “They generally suit all skin types, so you’re best to just give it a go. They work great for oily, combination and normal skin types,” Michelle says. Anything to watch for? “If you’ve problem areas like dark under eye circles, spots or blemishes, you’ll need a little extra help in the form of concealer.”