7 Genius Beauty Tips We’ve Learnt From Kylie Jenner’s App So Far

It's been just over a month since its launch, and we've picked up a tonne of deadly tips from Kylie's app so far...

Kylie Jenner's App

1. The moisturiser trick

The internet went mad when it found out that, unlike us mere mortals, Kylie doesn’t use her fingertips to apply moisturiser; Nuh-uh, she uses a brush instead. In particular, Kylie likes to apply her lotion with the super pricey Artis Elite Makeup Brush collection.

2. Use sticky tape to do your eyeliner

If you can never quite get your flicks on fleek, then Kylie has you covered. Demonstrating the sticky tape trick on her mate Tiffany, she lines the tape up diagnolly from the outer corner of her eye, then dabs concealer across the lid, and finally draws on a perfect feline flick of eyeliner. Simple, right?

3. Your contour powder can double as eyeshadow

We’re big fans of products that do double duty, and in her 18th birthday video tutorial, Kylie Jenner’s make-up artist Hrush Achemyan shows that you can use your contour powder to add definition to your eyes as well as your cheekbones.

4. Eye make-up first then foundation

It’s an age old debate; should you apply foundation before or after your eyeshadow, and Kylie’s settled it. Her MUA adds eyeshadow to Kylie’s lids before moving on to do her base. It’ll prevent fallouts and pesky smudging. We’re sold.

5. It’s all about contouring

Not surprisingly, one of Kylie’s biggest tips is about contouring correctly. “You start the line at the top of your ear”, she explains, before shading inwards towards the hollows of the cheeks. For a professional finish, Kylie uses a Beauty blender to make sure her lines are blended seamlessly.

6. Proper contouring is all about the colour

Good contouring isn’t just about the application technique. Nope, it’s also about using the correct products. For Kylie’s kontour, her MUA uses a lighter foundation around the eyes, a pinkish salmon concealer below the eyes, and her regular foundation (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, €45, if you’re interested) on the rest of her face. Lastly, she finishes up by using a highlighting powder around Kylie’s eyes and nose.

7. If you want bigger boobs, wear a push-up bra

Er, not the most mind-blowing advice in the world but Kylie was very specific about the bra that gives her bosoms a boost. She recommends The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra. Worth a go, no?