ARGH! This Woman Sneezed While Using An Eyelash Curler And Ripped Out A Chunk Of Her Lashes

As far as beauty mistakes go, this one's pretty bad.


From purple eyeshadow to zigzag partings, we’ve had our fair share of beauty disasters but we had to spare a thought for Reddit User Aub3912 who suffered the mother of all cosmetic-related terrors.

Aub3912 was going about her day as normal, curling her eyelashes, when – the horror – she sneezes mid curl and tears out a massive chunk of her eyelashes.

And the pics are pretty terrible, look…

Eyelashes 1


Argh. Pretty gruesome, right?

But as she points out it could have been a lot worse. Writing in a thread she explains that “I really thought I ripped my eyelid in half.”

Thankfully, lots of Redditors were on hand with advice, pointing out that she’ll need to keep the area around her eye super clean, now that her lashes aren’t there to prevent bacteria getting into her peepers.

As for the lashes themselves, we guess she’s just going to have to wear falsies until those babies grow back.

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