Argh! You Need To See This Beauty Blogger Try To Remove Her Blackheads With PVA Glue

Spoiler alert: We won't be trying this anytime soon.

Huda Beauty PVA Glue

We’d give our right arm to get rid of those nasty blackheads that take up space on our nose. Srsly, we’ve been known to try and dig ’em out with a blackhead extractor or give them the ‘rip’ treatment with a trusty pore strip, but still nada. They remain stuck there, a seemingly permanent fixture on our otherwise pore-less skin.

One beauty blogger, however, went to extreme measures to get rid of hers. Huda Beauty, a make-up vlogger from Dubai, with just short of a million followers, had an unusual method for nixing those big black dots, grabbing a botle of PVA glue and spreading it liberally across her nose with a cotton bud.

Huda then leaves it to dry for 20 minutes before ripping off the dried glue, kinda like you would a wax strip.

The result? We reckon we’ll be sitting this one out. While Huda says that the trick is effective, it looks pretty painful to us. Not to mention we’d be kinda worried about inhaling any nasty fumes from the glue.

Yeah, this is one we certainly won’t be trying at home.

Check out the vid below…