AstroFrecks? This Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend Is Much More Popular Than You Think

Would you try this out?

We’re no stranger to new, out-there beauty trends, but we must admit, this latest fad has us scratching our chins.

Michigan based Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Jessica Knapik, of MagickBrows, has created the newest trend that allows you to have the constellation of your star sign put on your face (or other body parts) in the form of freckles.

The procedure is semi permanent, and not unlike a tattoo…. that will fade away on it’s own.


“Like so many people are right now, I’m super into crystals, and metaphysical things. Channeling your best intentions and vibes and putting your goals and wishes out into the universe. So AstroFrecks just kind of sparked from that,” Knapik told BuzzFeed.

“The freckles are applied using a cosmetic tattooing technique, which means they won’t be harsh on your skin, but they also won’t last forever.”

So, will you be aligning the stars on your face this Christmas??