Stacey Solomon Teases First Tattoo On Instagram

Via @staceysolomon Instagram

Stacey Solomon has hinted at getting a tattoo on her Instagram stories as she told followers her brother opened his tattoo studio late for her to do some stencils.

In the video we see a stencil of a word going on Stacey’s back.

The former X-Factor star wrote, “So my brother is a tattooist and he kept the shop open late tonight so we can have a little stencil session.”

via @staceysolomon Instagram

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing it. So excited. Just a little play around tonight while the kids are in bed then we can go for it when I’m back from Paris…”

This will be Stacey’s first tattoo and getting it at the age of 33, Stacey joked earlier in the month that she was having a “mid life crisis”.

The presenter has recently returned from a family holiday to Abu Dhabi with all five of her children. Speaking of the trip in a heartwarming post, she shared, that the holiday was, “an adventure we will treasure forever”.


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Stacey is now heading to Paris for work this week and shared her excitement on stories after she dropped her “big boys” to school.

We can’t wait to see what’s to come for her in Paris! It looks like she will be taking baby Belle with her as she told followers she needs to plan what she’ll “need for the baby” before hopping on the eurostar. How sweet, mother daughter Paris trip!

We’re sure she’ll be documenting her tattoo journey once she’s back from the city of love.