How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes With 5 Items From Your Kitchen Press

There's no time like the present for sorting your bits.

I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself more productive than ever before over the past couple of days. From decluttering my shoe boxes to actually folding all my bedsheets in the hot press (I know!) I’ve been finding ways to pass the time that will actually benefit me when I’m free to roam around once again.

One of these things which on a normal day I always put off is cleaning my makeup brushes. But yesterday, for the first time in longer than I’d like to admit, I got around to washing them and it was beyond easy.

Using five items from my kitchen press thanks to a whole host of nifty Pinterest threads, I got down to business and my brushes don’t recognise themselves.

So, if you want to give your brushes a new lease of life from the comfort of your own kitchen, here’s what you need.


Olive oil

Antibacterial washing up liquid


Chopping board

Elastic band


Mix two parts dish soap with one part olive oil in a bowl.

Next, wet your brushes one by one under the sink. After you’ve wet each brush, dip it into the mixture and swirl it around a couple of times.

Using your fingertips, massage the mixture into the bristles of your brush, removing debris.

Then using the sink again, wash all the soap mixture and makeup off your brushes – make sure to give them a good scrub. You’ll notice how the makeup comes off them easily.

Next, after you’ve repeated those steps with each one of your brushes, it’s drying time. I once made the mistake to dry my brushes with a hairdryer, big NO – I singed the life out of the bristles.

Instead, strap your makeup brushes to a chopping board. Laying them all vertically, fasten then to the board with an elastic band or hairband and leave them to dry with the bristles facing downwards.

This will ensure you shake off all the excess water and it’ll keep them nice and fluffy.

And voila, you should feel proud of yourself. A clean set of brushes for your post-iso self to play with.


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