Eh, So Women Are Going To Extreme Measures To Avoid The Pain Of Wearing High Heels This Christmas

Would you?

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We all know that familiar pain. It’s 3am, you’re in the chipper after a mad night in Coppers and your feet feel like they’re on fire.

Those five-inch heels may have looked like an absolute must-buy on the high-street but they’re looking a whole lot less attractive now that you’re stood in line willing the man behind the till to hurry up with your cheesy chip order.

When that inevitable foot sting happens you have two options: kick those heels off and get yourself into a taxi STAT or just grin and bear it until you can take ’em off at home.

Now, women wanting to beat soreness in their soles have come up with a cheeky preventative measure: foot botox.

According to The Independent there has been a recent surge in the procedure, with women opting to have the treatment to prevent foot pain from a night spent in heels.

High heels

Apparently, using a dermal filler with botox can stop the foot from swelling, and can also be injected into the ball of the foot to act as an extra cushion during those long nights on the tiles.

It’s by no means a passing trend either. One cosmetic surgeon tells the newspaper he’s already preformed the procedure on 223 women over the course of 2016; that’s 185 up on last year.

Sadly, as the treatment can cost upwards of €700 it’s something you’ll really want to think about before making a decision, and as with all cosmetic procedures it’s best to do plenty of research before you get anything done.

Hmm. We don’t know about you, but we think we’ll just stick with packing a pair of pumps in our clutch bag for the journey home as usual.



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