Everyone’s Teeth Masking For A Whiter Smile, But, Um, What Is It?

If you whiten your teeth then you need to know about it.

Woman with white teeth

We may be pretty partial to popping a mask on our faces on the regular, but our teeth? Um, not so much.

But, if you’re a big fan of whitening your gnashers, getting involved in this trend might be the crucial next step.

You see products designed to whiten the teeth can only remove stains on the surface of the tooth. If your enamel has already worn away they won’t be able to work their magic and the tooth will remain stained or continue to appear more yellow.

What’s more, some dubious whitening products can actually weaken your enamel, so if you’ve been whitening on the regular for quite some time you may have inadvertently damaged yours.

That’s where teeth masking comes in. It involves using a new breed of toothpaste, like the Regenerate Enamel Science Approved Toothpaste, €13.99, designed to rebuild the enamel of the tooth and combat erosion.

Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste

To use it you simply pop the paste into a mouth tray alongside a monthly boosting serum, and wear the tray while the solution kicks in.

Is it effective? The jury’s out. While the Regenerate Paste claims that it can regenerate 82% of enamel damage at an early stage, dentists claim that once you’ve damaged your enamel there’s no getting it back.

We guess we’ll just have to try it ourselves to see.


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