Fire Balayage Is The New Cool Girl Hair Trend – And We Just Can’t Stop Looking At It

We're suckers for a brand new hair trend, and this one is on fire – literally!

From Katy Perry-inspired lavender locks to grey Ombré, we thought we’d seen it all when it comes to funky new hair trends, but this latest hair craze is on another level of cool.

Combining a mix of yellows, oranges and reds to create a gradual, flame effect on the hair, it’s a daring update on the normal brunette to blonde balayage that’s seriously hot.

Want it? Don’t try this at home. You’ll need to hit up your stylist.

“First, the root area will need to be tinted, approximately four inches down, with a magenta or poppy red colour,” explains Aimee Penco, colour specialist at Sugar Cubed.

“Then I’d pre-lighten some of the ends with a free hand technique. Once the ends have been lightened, I’d apply different toners to create a peach, apricot and vibrant copper tone. Lastly, these different tones will be placed all through the ends of the hair to create a multi-tonal look.”

Are you daring enough to get it done? Until we make an appointment, we’ll have to make do with swooning at #FireHair pics on Instagram.