Flawless! Here’s What Selena’s Instagram Photos Look Like Before She Filters Them

Because, just like us, the A-list love a good filter.

selena gomez

‘Put a filter on it. It’ll be grand.’

It’s the response we have on auto when a pal takes a not-so flattering pic of us, and with a few quick clicks, that dodgy snap can be transformed into a flawless, airbrushed photo.

But it’s not just our pics from Saturday night’s session that get the filter treatment; celebrities have a glossy image to maintain so it’s only natural that they’ll use a little editing to jazz up their snaps.

Recently revealing how Selena’s snaps are edited, her make-up artist Hung Vanngo posted a pic of the star before and after editing – and by the looks of it, there isn’t too much altering, just a cheeky filter and a few quick adjustments.

In the pic, (which was spotted by Cosmopolitan UK) Hung seems to imply that the photo hasn’t been Photoshopped, but he has instead played around with the brightness, warmth and saturation to bring out Selena’s best features.

Hey, if you ask us, Selena looks fab in both pics but you know what they say: a little filtering never hurt anybody.

Now, Clarendon or Nashville?

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