Here’s The Reason Why You Really *Shouldn’t* Use Coconut Oil In Your Hair

Gals, put the coconut oil down, immediately.


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Beauty trends come and go all of the time, but it wasn’t that long ago when the majority of us were under the impression that coconut oil was key in almost every aspect of our beauty routines. From removing makeup to hair masks, it went everywhere and anywhere. We then let go of that trend, realising that it was a bit mad. But we’re betting that you didn’t realise putting coconut oil in your hair was as bad as it actually is.

I’ll be the first to admit that I went through a coconut oil hair mask phrase for at least a couple of months, but I haven’t had it in my kitchen press let alone in my hair for at least three years. Now, I’m delighted that it’s been so long.

According to Ross Charles, hairdresser and salon owner, coconut oil shouldn’t be put anywhere near your hair. “People often use hair oils to moisten their hair, but I often say that when hair needs moisture, it is thirsty and needs a drink” he told GLAMOUR. “In fact, oil and water don’t mix. Oil actually repels water and either pushes it out of the hair or stops it from getting into the hair.” Yep, not ideal at all.


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Recently, over on our beauty podcast The Glow Up, hair genius Sabrina Hill, or @superstylesabby as she’s known on Instagram, also opened our eyes (or ears?) to the reasons why we shouldn’t be using coconut oil in our tresses. “If it was that miraculous, do you think it would be that cheap?” she told Vicki and Valerie on The Glow Up.

Sabrina continued, “it will push out any of the necessary moisture molecules that are in your hair. If you have blonde hair, it’s going to push all your toner out, it’ll make the hair so hard that it will eventually break, it’ll snap. On darker hair, it will push all the darker pigment out of your hair, again making it very brittle and very dry.”

Bottom line? Overuse will basically damage your hair. So yeah, it’s definitely not a good idea to put coconut oil in your hair, reach for a nice, moisturising hair mask instead, eh?


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