How To Fake Thick, Long Lashes, According To Ariana Grande’s Make-Up Artist

If you're not naturally gifted with thick, long lashes, don't panic because we've got the expert tips straight from a celebrity make-up artist.

Ariana Grande Eyelashes
As always, Ariana Grande looks stunning. Her super-glam make-up is always on fleek. But let’s be honest, it’s those long and gorgeous lashes that really make her eyes pop (sigh). Wanna know her secret? We’ve taken advice from her MUA Daniel Chinchilla  for creating this stunzo look. Whether you’re a strip-lash devotee or just wanna give your everyday mascara routine an Ari-inspired re-boot, we’ve got you covered.

Keep ’em curled

Daniel says the key to thick lashes is to curl ’em. But how do we keep them curled all day? It’s “all about the technique” he says. To avoid accidentally pinching your lids (ouch) it’s best to look down instead of straight ahead. As for curlers, we recommend Bobbi Brown eyelash curler, €16.78.


Love thy layers

Next, get your wand at the ready, ladies. Daniel recommends waiting for about two minutes for the formula to dry, curl again… then apply another coat of mascara. Yes, keep it to a layer on layer basis. And how do we avoid the clumping? Picking the right mascara for each step is key. “I typically like to go for a lighter mascara first, like Maybelline Great Lash,” €5.59, he says.


And that’s not all, according to Ariana’s MUA, you’ll also need a thickening mascara, like MAC’s Haute and Naughty , €20.51 for notorious volume. Yes please!



Fake it!

OK, we get it, not everyone is gifted with naturally long eyelashes like Ariana. But don’t worry, if you want your lashes to be the center of attention, and yours still aren’t getting a boost from Daniel’s expert tips, then he suggests wearing falsies.  If you’re a little scared of sporting a pair, go with more natural looking lashes and build from there. We <3 Eylure strip lashes, €5.29, for everyday wear.



If strip lashes aren’t your thing, Daniel suggests giving cluster lashes a go instead.  The easiest way to apply is to just place two or three clusters in the outer corner of your eye for a flared look à la Marilyn Monroe—like a cat eye without liner.

The last step? Just finish with a coat of mascara. Done.


By Jennifer Conway.


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