How To Find The Best Brow Shape For Your Face

Square, oval, round? We found the brow shapes to flatter all.

Bold brows aren’t for everyone. In fact, despite the recent trend for fuller, more unruly arches, many face shapes actually suit a thinner, more defined brow.

Yep, eyebrows are not a one-shape-suits-all. Here’s how to find the best shape to flatter your face.

Round face

Olivia Munn

Gals with a round face will balance things out with an angular-style brow a la Olivia Munn. Opt for a high arch too. It’ll help lift your facial features.

Oval face

Kim Kardashian

If you’re a lucky oval, your brows will look best if you keep them straight with a low arch. Take inspo from Kimmy K and think long and low instead of short and high.

Square face

Diane Kruger

Squares should steer clear of angular brows, which will only accentuate a square jaw and instead opt for softer, rounded brows like Diane Kruger.

Long face

Angelina Jolie

A longer brow is key for this face shape. Extend the tail of your brow slightly passed the corner of your eye like Angelina Jolie. It will help to balance out your elongated features.

Heart-shaped face

Jennifer Aniston

Bold brows are definitely out if you’ve got a heart-shaped face. A smaller, well groomed brow like Jennifer Aniston’s will help to balance out a smaller chin and jawline.