How To Stop Oily Eyelids Ruining Your Make-Up

Glossy lids causing your eyeshadow to smudge and slide off throughout the day? We found out how to combat it so that your eye make-up stays put the whole day thorugh.

Oily eyelids

So here’s the deal: your make-up was on fleek this morning. You contoured your eyes with your favourite smokey palette, applied lashings of voluminising mascara and spent ages drawing on the perfect eyeliner flick. Now though? Well, it’s just past lunch, and your eye make-up, which was so carefully applied this morning, has smudged off; a big black eyeliner mark has rubbed onto the crease of your eyelid, your matte eyeshadow has taken on a creamy consistency, and your mascara has somehow found its way on to your brow bone. Major grr.

Just like our skin, our eyelids can often overproduce oil, causing the area to become shiny and glossy. It can be a result of anything from medication, stress, allergies and plain old genetics, but how exactly do you deal with it?

“You first need to make sure your eyes are free of any residual makeup or oil so use a toner or a micellar water to clean and freshen your skin,” recommends pro make-up artist Clare Hogan.

The next step is to avoid using oily creams or moisutrisers on the area. “The aim is to keep the eye lid as matte as possible,” Claire explains, but if you reckon you still need a little hydration, apply a lightweight eye cream like No. 7 Protect And Perfect Advanced Eye Cream, €23, before bed and allow the solution to soak in overnight.

No 7 Eye Serum

Then, it’s over to your make-up application. “The trick to preventing creasing is a good base which will act as a barrier between your eyeshadow and eyelid,” Clare instructs. “Eye primers work really well but you only need a small amount; too much product will just cause creasing.” To ensure you don’t overdo it, lightly dab a pinhead-sized amount on to each eyelid. We like Urban Decay Primer Potion, €11, for ensuring our lids stay matte.

Urban Decay Primer potion

“Alternatively you can use a neutral matte eyeshadow close to your skin tone as a base,” Claire suggests. “It will help your eyeshadow go on smoothly and blend easily. A little loose setting powder will also do the trick. Just make sure it’s matte and not shimmery.”

Still looking shiny? “Long lasting eye products like the MAC Paint Pots, €21, are also a great eye base,” recommends Claire. “They can be worn on their own or under your usual powder eye shadow. They go on creamy and then set dry and they can really intensify the colour of the eye shadow you use on top.”

MAC Paint Pots

If your eyelid oil slicks are still excessive though, it may be best to hit up a dermatologist for a more long-term solution. They may prescribe a mild anit-fungal treatment to help soak up excess sebum.