Introducing Embrowdery: The Eyebrow Treatment That Could Be Taking Over From Threading

STELLAR writer Jennifer puts it to the test.


Like most gals, I was majorly guilty of over-plucking my brows in my teens, leaving me with two short, thin lines of nothingness. Luckily they sort of grew back when full brows came into fashion, but I always wondered what life would be like without the need to fill in those annoying little sparse bits, and that’s when I heard about embrowdery, a permanent treatment, that promises a fuller brow, no filling required.

Jennifer Embrowdery

Jennifer’s eyebrows before.

On a practical level, embrowdery is a method whereby a pen-shaped tool filled with an inky-type pigment is used to create fine strokes that penetrated into the skin and create a hair-like finish. The appearance is completely natural and blends with or without hair along the brow bone. Considering these brows are with me for life, I wanted to go to the best in the business. So after some careful research, I came across Up To My Eyes who specialise in the treatment.

It’s important to not get this mixed up with eyebrow tattoos which go to a deeper layer of the skin. In fact, embrowdery is a new type of technology that allows for the pigment to stay on the top layer of skin and the colour is formulated to match your eyes, hair and skin tone. Sounds all very technical, right? In a nutshell, it takes three sessions, four weeks apart to get the brows to the point were they will last 18-24 months. The first session is the longest and takes between 90-120 minutes. You also need to drop into the salon before your first session for a skin test.

Here are my results after the first session…


index333During the apointment, my technician Jurgita used a regular eyebrow pencil to shape and colour my brow and once I was happy with the colour and shape, a topical anaesthetic was applied to numb the skin. Jurgita used a tool that looks like a pen, to apply the pigment under the skin using teeny tiny strokes to create the appearance of a brow hair. These strokes are so fine, you really would have to be extremely close to tell that it isn’t your real brow. When I looked in the mirror, I was bowled over. My eyebrows were perfect. There was no soreness and a couple of days later, the overall effect was fantastic and natural-looking.

Crucially though, the effects do fade in-between the first and the second session, and if you really want your new brows to last forever, you need to make that follow up appointment, otherwise the results from the first session will fade completely within a few weeks. They are not semi-permanent until the full three sessions are completed.

If you’re thinking about having this done, the biggest deciding factor is definitely the price. Embrowdery doesn’t come cheap; with Up To My Eyes the total cost is €440, but this is broken down over the three sessions to make it a little more manageable. The first session costs €260, the second €120 and the final session is €60.

Is it worth it to never again have to fill in the sparse bits or to wake up every morning with perfectly styled brows? After one session, I have to say yes, and I’ll be booking in for my second appointment.

By Jennifer Conway.


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