Need! Here’s Every Single Make-Up Product Pippa O’Connor Is Wearing On Our May Issue Cover

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Pippa Perfection – (a) adjective which describes and compares the quality of everything and anything against Pippa O’Connor.

Those jeans are total Pippa Perfection.

(b) can often be used to describe an innate sense of inadequacy one feels in comparison to Pippa O’Connor.

My curly blow-dry just isn’t working for me, I am far from Pippa Perfection today.

New age vocabulary aside, we can’t be the only ones completely obsessing over this month’s cover star, Pippa O’Connor. That face, that hair, that effortless air of poise and grace, all wrapped into a totally sound package. Seriously though, if Pippa wasn’t so dead on, we’d have no choice but to hate her. But seeing as she’s a total gal, we have to let it pass.

Also softening the blow is the insight we got from Pippa’s go to MUA, Aimee Connolly.

Speaking to Aimee, an Xpose regular and a makeup artist, whom Pippa trusts so dearly, she quite literally didn’t bring an ounce of her own makeup to the shoot. As the creator of  the wonder palette, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, the girl knows her way around a good contour.

“To begin I started off with Armani luminous silk foundation. Perfect for in front of the camera, the liquid foundation is really light but still had flawlessness to it, giving the wearer a fresh, blemish-free natural look,” she explains.

Next Aimee opts fo her own palette. Containing two highlighters and a bronzer, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly is becoming a must-have for makeup bags everywhere. “I used the bronzer lightly on the cheekbones to give Pippa an effortless definition. This bronzer was been made with Irish skin in mind, is lightly pigmented and great for creating a “I woke up like this” kind of definition on the face.” This natural sculpt was then followed by the palette’s cream highlighter which allowed Pippa’s natural radiance to shine.

Speaking of radiance, can we we give a little nod to the model and Mum’s shimmering declave?! This Aimee tells us it is all down to Mac’s Vanilla  Pigment. “For a little sparkle, all you need is a light dust across of your collarbones. This product is seriously multi-functional and can be used for eyes and cheekbones too.”

Keeping with the theme of au naturel, for the lashes Aimee used Code Beautiful primer first, followed by just a quick sweep of Benefit’s They’re Real for a little soft, lengthy definition.

“I wanted to use an almost rosey pink on the lip so opted for You’re All Mine. A light creme this is one of my favourite bargain beauty buys, with its pricetag ringing in well under a tenner.”

And voila, our covergirl look is complete, with Aimee’s assurance of it being super low maintenance too. “It’s just the lips that you have to watch really. Chatting, eating, drinking will always require a little lipstick touch-up, but once everything else is on – foundation, highlighter, bronzer – it will last you the whole day (or night) through.

Words by Sinead O’Reilly