Need It! This €2 Product Is The Secret To Ariana Grande’s Super Sleek Ponytail

Say buh-bye to those sticky out baby hairs.

Some girls can effortlessly pull off a high ponytail. Ariana Grande is one of those girls. Unlike the rest of us, with our dry strands and baby hairs, Ariana rocks this signature look and her hair always looks super sleek, shiny and in place.

So how does she do it? Well, according to her stylist Chris Appleton it’s all down to one budget-friendly product: Er, Gorilla Snot.

While the name might not sound so appealing, the yellow, gooey hair gel is actually ace at making the hair look slick – and better yet it checks out at around the €2 mark plus postage.

“This is something I use a lot. It’s called Gorilla Snot. It’s a gel,” Appleton explains to E!’s Freestyle. “Say I wanted to do a ponytail and I wanted to do something really slick, I’d just put that on the edges. It makes it like rock solid.”

He adds:

“If you have braids and you want to lay your edges down or if you want to make sure that ponytail is super sleek use a tiny little drop of it.”

So there you have it: the secret to a sleek ponytail is just a quick dab of gel away.

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