Need It! You’ll Love This €18 Product Gigi Hadid Uses On Her Brows Every Day

So that's how she aces those arches.

Gigi Hadid

If there’s one area of beauty that’s seeing a tonne of innovation right now then it’s certainly brows.

This once neglected beauty trick, is now every girl’s point of focus when it comes to perfecting her look, and naturally a slew of new products and brow-sculpting techniques have emerged as a response.

More often than not though, we look to our favourite celebs to find out how they perfect their A-list arches and one famous face pointing us in the right direction at the mo is Gigi Hadid.

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Chatting to Into The Gloss Gigi Hadid broke down her entire make-up routine and revealed her everyday brow staple: MAC’s Brow Set, €18.50.

Brow Set

What’s to love?

Well, the gel-based formula comes with a wand-shaped applicator, meaning that with just a quick brush through, you can shade, groom and define, saving you valuable minutes in the morning.

Another plus point? It also comes in six different shades meaning it’s super duper easy to find your perfect match.

Oh yeah, and Gigi Hadid uses it and when have you ever seen her with so much as a hair out of place, huh?


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