Pancake Braids: The Perfect Way To Style Your Hair When You Can’t Be Bothered Washing It

It's the latest hair trend to take the beauty world by storm and it's totally easy to do too. Here's how...


It’s been the year for big (and crazily named) beauty trends – baking, aquarium nails and hair contouring to name but a few. And now, tonnes of people are getting their, um, pancake on to pimp up their plaits.

Dubbed ‘pancaking’, it’s the volumising hair trend for the gal who one: wants to take their tight, neat braids up a notch, and two: really can’t be bothered washing, blowdrying, and styling her mane when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

Want it? You can master this fun technique yo’self or enlist the help of your stylist. In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, profesional hairstylist Sarah Potemba explains how.

“You always want to start with a structured, tight braid,” says Sarah. Then, “one of the best tricks to make it look professional and cool is called pancaking. Once the braid is in place, pull at the pieces along the edges to add texture.” It’s that easy.

The best part is that you can literally do this to any type of braid you want. You can also start with dry shampoo in your hair for a more beachy texture and use your curling iron on the wispy ends for the perfect look. And et voila! Pancaking perfection.


By Jennifer Conway.


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