Playboy Bunny Crystal Hefner Loves Irish Beauty Brand Cherry On Top Nails

Kildare-based nail brand Cherry On Top Nails has a fan in the Playboy mansion.

Irish brands are seriously making a name for themselves stateside. Just recently Kylie Jenner shared her love for Irish tan brand Cocoa Brown, and now, it’s Kildare-based nail brand Cherry On Top Nails that’s impressing in the US.

Yep, that’s cos Playboy bunny Crystal Hefner is so impressed with Cherry On Top’s acrylic nails that she’s getting them shipped the whole way over to the Playboy Mansion in sunny Los Angeles. Her design of choice? A baby blue and pink mermaid-inspired set.

Cherry on top Nail art

Nail technician and owner of Cherry On Top nails Grace Flood explains to STELLAR how Crystal came across her gorgeous nail art. “I uploaded a picture of the nails and Crystal was one of the first people to like it, I couldn’t believe it! So I messaged her to see if she wanted me to send her over some and she said she’d love me to!”

“The power of social media is just incredible, it’s so cool a Playboy bunny from LA can find out about a nail technician in Kildare. I am absolutely thrilled she loves them!”

If Crystal’s fellow Playboy bunnies fall in love with the nail art like she did, who knows, maybe Grace will have to take up temporary residency in the mansion to cater to their nail needs?! #CouldHappen