The Eyeliner Hack That Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Rounder

The secret to big, Bambi-like peepers? It's all in the way you place your eyeliner flick: here's how.

puppy dog eyeliner

You’ve heard of the cat eye, right? Well, now there’s a new way to do your eyeliner, and it’s known as the puppy dog eye.

Hailing from Korea, this new eyeliner trend is designed to make your eyes look bigger and rounder by drawing your flick down towards your cheeks instead of up towards your eyebrows.

And it’s mega easy. Here’s how:

  1. Apply your mascara and draw a line of black eyeliner across your eyelid as normal.
  2. Next, instead of flicking your eyeliner upwards at the corner, draw a line downwards following the natural slant of your eye.
  3. Lastly, use a kohl pencil to line along the outer corner of your lower lash line, to create a more oval, rounded eye shape.

Confused? Check out this video from beauty vlogger Wengie for the step-by-step.