The Right Way To Conceal A Pimple, According To A Celebrity Make-up Artist

A pesky pimple has popped up, but don't worry, celebrity make-up artist Brett Freedman knows what to do.

model with fresh base

There’s nothing worse is there? A big old pimple has popped up, right before an interview, party, date or some other majorly important event, and no amount of concealer you throw at the situation seems to help any. Well, no more, cos celebrity make-up artist Brett Freedman, who’s made up the likes of Amy Poehler and Camilla Belle has revealed a fail-safe method to conceal that big old blemish. Phew!

“Round or domed zits need an anti-shine primer to re-texturize the top and give them a little more grip to hold makeup,” Brett explains on Byrdie. So the first step is to prime the skin, before you even think about using concealer. Next up, you’ll wanna reach for your foundation. You’ll need to “use foundation first to take away the brightness of a zit,” Brett explains. “You might be surprised at how much you conceal! That way you can use less concealer too.”

Now it’s time to use concealer, but you shouldn’t apply with your fingers warns Brett. “I always use a brush,” he explains. “It’s a direct output of pigment—and your fingers warm up concealer too much.”

Once you’ve done that, the very last step is to set your concealer with your powder. “It zaps shine without loading up the blemish with pigment, and it’s great for touch-ups, too.” And et voila, blemish gone.