The Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Perfectly Tousled Waves – Without Using A Styler

Tousled is the hair trend of the moment. We asked a hair stylist how to get that gorgeous beachy texture just right. Turns out, it's super easy.

We’ve tried all sorts to try and get that gorgeous wavy texture, often seen on the likes of Elizabeth Olsen, Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale. From hair plopping to spending hours with a curling iron, we’ve tried it all, and we’ve often ended up looking less than polished by the end of it.

So, instead of attempting to tousle in vain, we sought the advice of senior hair stylist Julie Stubbs from Headrush Salon, and it turns out we don’t need a hair styler or a tricky technique to get the perfect texture.

Nope, tousled waves are surprisingly doable. Here’s how…

First up, Julie recommends making your own sea salt spray. “Simply add a handful of salt to a cup of water and dispense into a clean spray bottle,” she instructs. If DIY isn’t your style, Julie loves Bumble and Bumble surf spray. “It’s a favourite among stylists,” she reveals.

Bumble and Bumble Spray

€28.50, Boots

Next, you’ll want to get your timing right. “If you want to wake up in the morning with beautiful tousled waves do this before bed on towel dried hair,” Julie explains.

Then follow these three simple steps…

1. Throw your head forward and twist the hair into a top knot. “The smaller the twist the tighter the wave,” says Julie.

2. Next, holding the knot in place with your hands, “take the spray and liberally coat the hair,” she instructs.

3. Lastly, holding the knot tight, secure it at the top of your head with a hair tie. “Then, in the morning, or when the hair is dry, simply undo the top knot and comb through with fingers,” and et voila, perfect tousled texture.