The Ta-Ta Towel? Fashion’s Latest Accessory Is VERY Practical

Ladies, who hasn't been there?

Picture the scene, you’re out of the shower, hair dried, music blaring, pre-drink on hand, about to get ready for a night out with the gals. What’s the one thing that could ruin your vibe completely? It’s obvious isn’t it? BOOB SWEAT!

Any fuller chested ladies out there will feel the pain of having to give a tactical under boob towel rub constantly while trying to get your glam on. It is not fun! Well now, low and behold our prayers have been answered. I give you, the Ta-Ta- Towel

The innovative response to boob sweat was invented by Erin Robinson, an LA based woman who had the exact problem so many of us have when it’s hot out and you have D cups, not sexy!

It is being used by women around the world at home, in the gym, at work and is also perfect for breastfeeding women as the ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding.

The Ta-Ta- Towel is available here in three different styles and retails for $45.

We’ll take 100 please!


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