These Were The Most Googled Beauty Questions Of 2018

Back in the day we asked the experts our most pressing beauty questions, these days we just ask Google.



Google It. Those two words have become second-nature to us. Want to know where to get the best deal on your car insurance? Or the correct way to fold a sheet? Easy. Google it.

Just like we use the search engine to suss out things like when the next series of Game Of Thrones will air, or whether it’s possible to die from a hangover, we’re also turning to Google to help us decode the ever-evolving world of beauty. Want to know if a product is worth its salt before you buy it? Or weigh up the pros and cons of laser hair removal? Google’s got you covered.

Naturally, when the search engine site revealed its most Googled Beauty Questions for 2018, we had to share the knowledge. Here, we’ve selected a handful of the most common ones, and found out what Google had to say.

How to apply magnetic lashes

Ah, false lashes, both the boon and the bane of our existence. Getting the little feckers on to our natural lashes has always been a chore, so naturally when magnetic lashes made it big this year, offering a fuss-free alternative to the mess of lash glue, it piqued the internet’s interest.

What Google says:

It’s simple, apparently. Just take the top row lash and place it above your natural lashes, placing it as close to the lash line as you can get. Then, grab the bottom row lash and put it underneath your natural lashes. The magnetic strips will connect and lock your lashes in place. See? Easy… we think.

What hair colour would look best on me?

Black, blue, blonde, or RiRi’s latest venture into a wonderfully ambiguous hue? This question should really be ‘how not to leave the salon in tears’.

What Google says:

Just look at your veins to determine your skin tone. It they appear green, then you have warm tones, if they’re blue then you have cool-toned skin – and a good colourist will use this to figure out your ideal shade. Sounds a bit complicated to us. The hair colour that looks best on you is whatever colour you love most. You do you, boo.

How to do a cat eye

Ah, the eternal question. Try as we might, we can never seem to master it without it all going a bit skew-whiff…

What Google says:

The search engine offers up five seemingly easy steps. First, look down and draw a line at an angle on the outer corner. Then turn that line into a triangle to create that desired wing shape. Next, fill in the triangle, before connecting it to your lash line, and finally touch up any mistakes using a cotton wool bud soaked in make- up remover. Simple in theory, not in execution, amirite?

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How to take off make-up without make-up wipes

Do we really need to peel ourselves away from that docuseries and scrub a dub dub at the bathroom sink or can we pull a sly one and swipe it all away with a cheeky pump of cleanser and a cotton wool pad from the comfort of our leaba?

What Google says:

Unless you’ve layered your face in glue, the search site reckons it’s a-okay to grab a cold cream or facial cleanser, pump a dollop of it on to a cotton wool pad and do your thing. Handy if you’re time poor or just plain lazy, but maybe don’t make it a regular habit. Instead, use an oil-based cleanser to dissolve all the dirt and grime of the day, rinse it off with warm, pat dry with a towel, and you can’t go wrong.

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How to fix cakey make-up

You’ve overdone it with your base and now you look like you’ve trowelled it on. Can it be corrected or is your make-up a lost cause?

What Google says:

This one divided the internet. One suggestion recommended simply rubbing your hands all over your face, another advised applying several spritzes of rose water.

Our solution? Spritz your face with mineral water, and then touch up with a pot concealer and a brush. You’re welcome!


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