This Beauty Blogger Just Shared The Smartest Little Hack For Getting Your Highlight On Fleek

Nikkie Tutorials for the win.

Nikkie Tutorials

When it comes to highlight, dewy is the name of the game and most of us are prone to lashing on layers and layers of the stuff in order to get that lit from within glow.

Here’s the kicker though, all those extra layers of product can tend to look a bit cakey and flake off during the day, making us look more lack lustre than lush.

So what’s the solution? Well, beauty blogger Nikkie Tutorials has found it. Instead of swiping on a tonne of product with a brush, Nikkie simply grabs a damp beauty blender and dabs her highlight across her cheekbones to give an instant sheen.

And even Nikkie’s impressed with the results. Cut to 7.37 to check out her full highlight routine below.

The only small problem? You’ll need to have a spare blender sponge on hand to use only for highlight to ensure you don’t get extra product mixed in with your foundation.

Hey, if it means achieving cheekbones like Gigi’s and a killer glow, then we’re in.


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