This Is What Your Lipstick Shape Says About Your Personality

Are you a flat-top? A rounded head? Or do you whittle your lipstick into a sharp point? Whatever your lippy style, it can say a lot about your personality.


We get it: no matter how hard you try to keep it even, for some reason, your pout ends up wearing your lippy down into one signature shape. Gals who love lipstick – and I mean really love it – wear it down, but not everyone wears down their lippie in the same way. Rounded? Concave? Diagonal? We’ve all got our own shapes which reveal a lot about our personalty type. Here’s what yours says about you…



According to the folks over at Good Housekeeping, you’re a kind-hearted and extremely fun-loving personality, who likes to share joy. This could be one reason why you are liked and admired by all. Meticulous planning is in your nature, which is why you like to organise things professionally and creatively.


Lasses who like to put on flat lipstick shapes are reliable, trustworthy and quite straightforward. This makes it easy for them to connect to people. Flat lipstick-shaped girls make good mates too. They like to enjoy challenges in life and are not afraid of them.


If your lippy is sharper than a Louboutin, you’re a gal who screams sex appeal and is prepared to take risks. This doesn’t mean you are a tough nut to crack. Girls with pointed lipstick shapes are warm and friendly too. But at times, stubbornness and rigidity can get the better of you. Soz.

Lippenstiften-vorm-persoonlijkheid-81Confidence and ambition are like your second skin. Naturally, it means you are the outgoing personality who knows how to turn dull and drab days into fun days. Despite this, you are choosy in nature and like to go around with selected friends.

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By Jennifer Conway.


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