This Mascara Hack From Beyonce’s Make-Up Artist Is A Total Game Changer

All hail the man who beautifys Beyonce.

Beyonce Makeup

The jury’s out: should you apply mascara to your bottom lashes or should you keep them bare?

Well, according to Beyonce’s long-time make-up artist Sir John (who we’re pretty certain knows a thing or two about helping you look your best) you certainly should be popping some mascara on your bottom lashes, but you shouldn’t be using the jet black formula you’ve applied to your upper lashes.

Nope, instead he advises using a softer, brown shade, explaining to Alllure “It’ll look like black from afar, but it’s more flattering up close.”

Smart, right?

That’s not the only trick he shared.

“I concentrate my lash game on the outer edges for a mesmeric cat-eye effect,” Sir John explains. Then when the lashes are still a little wet, he uses a finger to give them a subtle curl.

So there you have it: Beyonce-worthy lashes with only a few subtle tweaks to your regular routine.

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