Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Have One Very Unusual (But Totally Useful) Side Effect

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Vs Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Perfume pretty much does what you want it to. A few quick spritzes and you’re immersed in a scent so heavenly you feel like you’re Alessandra Ambrosio herself.

But science has discovered that there’s a secret side effect to this much-loved spray – and it’s certainly not one you’d expected.

A study by New Mexico State University discovered that dousing yourself in Victoria’s Secret Bombshell made for a deadly insect repellent.

Yuh-huh, not kidding.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The researchers placed mosquitoes into a Y-shaped tube, held by one of the testers on each end. On one round of the test, the hand holding the tube was sprayed in insect repellent, during a secondary round, the hand was sprayed with the VS perfume.

And the results were pretty clear: the mosquitoes were just as ‘repelled’ by the perfume as they were by the bug spray.

Scientists don’t quite get why the VS spray has this effect on bugs, but they speculate that it could have something to do with the perfume’s fruity and floral scent.

Whatever the reason, we’re stocking up before our next sunny vaycay.


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